Data protection

With the Data Protection Policy, we have entered into a commitment to maintain high data protection standards around the world. The Data Protection Policy meets the requirements of the European Union’s Data Protection Directive, and establishes principles for ensuring and maintaining a corresponding data protection level for all companies of Daimler AG.

Organization and responsibility. The Chief Officer Corporate Data Protection works with the support of local data protection coordinators toward ensuring compliance with the valid data protection laws and internal standards in the Daimler Group. He advises on and initiates communication and training measures, and performs controls and audits for compliance with the data protection laws and Daimler’s Data Protection Policy. This also includes complaints management and the fulfillment of reporting requirements.

Training programs. The range of training and informational measures for employees and managers is continuously optimized and expanded. In addition to web-based training, classroom training, and target group-specific information documents, the topic of data protection is also addressed in the company’s internal media.

Incidents. In the reporting year, there were no significant data protection violations and no fines were imposed. The number of complaints received by Corporate Data Protection is slightly down again compared with the previous year. In five cases investigations by supervisory authorities due to customer complaints were performed and concluded with satisfactory results.

Privacy by design. The networking of the vehicle is one of the focuses of innovation in the automotive industry. At the same time, connectivity with the Internet and driver support through new assistance systems are presenting new challenges for data protection and information security. That is why the design of data protection concepts for the connected vehicle (privacy by design) was a key area of emphasis in the activities of the Chief Officer Corporate Data Protection in 2014.

Principles for data protection in connected vehicles. The two US associations Auto Alliance and Global Automakers have adopted the joint data protection principles “Consumer Privacy Protection Principles for Vehicle Technologies and Services” with the active involvement of Daimler AG. In addition, Daimler AG collaborated actively with the German Association of the Automotive Industry in the development of principles of data protection in the connected vehicle, which define requirements for a comprehensive, integral concept for data processing and data protection in connected vehicles.