GRI Index

In recent years we have continuously improved our sustainability performance and made our reporting in this area more transparent and easier to understand. As always, our reporting is in line with the principles of materiality, stakeholder inclusiveness, completeness, and sustainability context.

Both the printed and the interactive online versions of the Daimler Sustainability Report 2014 are based on the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These guidelines were established with the help of the UN in 1997 in order to create a globally accepted guideline for companies and organizations reporting on their environmental, social, and economic activities. The amended guidelines of 2013 (G4) serve as the basic framework for Daimler’s sustainability reporting.

 This icon marks the Materiality Matters Indicators in the report to help you localizing them.

The complete version of the GRI Index: PDF file (71 KB)

General Standard Disclosures

Specific Standard Disclosures