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For us, product responsibility requires a combination of three things: the greatest possible customer benefit, the highest safety standards, and maximum eco-friendliness and efficiency. To achieve this goal, we depend on environmentally sound product development and innovative concepts. This extends from trailblazing vehicle and powertrain technologies, lightweight construction. The use of natural materials, and remanufacturing of components to sophisticated assistance systems that can prevent accidents.

In the area of environmental compatibility we observe the Daimler Environmental and Energy Guidelines. The second guideline is as follows: We develop products that are particularly environmentally friendly and energy-efficient in their market segments. Therefore, our mission is: to fulfill demanding environmental standards and deal sparingly with natural resources. Our measures for environmentally compatible and energy-efficient product design take into account the entire product life cycle — spanning development, production and product use, as well as disposal and recycling.

  • Environmental and Energy Guidelines

    Daimler Environmental and Energy Guidelines
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