Consumer protection

Daimler AG is intensively involved in consumer protection issues and has established systematic safeguards in this area. All Daimler products are subject to top quality and safety requirements throughout their entire life cycle. In this context, the quality management systems used in the individual units play an important role. Requirements for avoidance of product flaws and preventive measures for the protection of customers are additionally defined in the product safety policy of Daimler AG. These requirements are monitored through periodic audits.

We are obligated to instruct users of our products about their use and possible risks associated with it, to warn against dangers and to label our products. These requirements are also described in our product safety policy. In the context of our product responsibility we also fulfill the requirements according to REACH and CLP in Europe.

We abstain from publishing a detailed report of possible violations. Due to the absence of any legal obligations or industry-wide standards, comparability with the competitors would not be ensured in our view.

Product information for our customers. Our service booklets and operating instructions tell customers how to save fuel and use their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. We provide additional information online. For example, the Mercedes-Benz website provides interactive owner’s manuals and detailed service information for our customers. The Mercedes-Benz Service app, which includes numerous features for mobile use, can also be downloaded from the website. The Guideline for Rescue Services is also available online with instructions for quick rescue of accident victims from Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Bank. As part of the Daimler Financial Services division, we are aware of our obligation to our customers. That is why we attach great importance to ensuring extensive transparency and top quality in all areas of our customer business — from investment counseling to loan approval and leasing agreements for vehicle purchases. In this process, it goes without saying that we conduct our activities on the basis of the legal consumer protection requirements. As a member of the Bankers’ Trade Association we have signed a code of conduct which regulates our dealings with customers relative to granting installment credits and credit lines. We guarantee that all relevant information on credit and loan agreements will be fully available before the contract closing, and will be elaborated by us upon request. We handle customer data with extreme sensitivity and care.