Innovation management

To provide our customers with exciting products and tailored solutions for needs-oriented, safe and sustainable mobility, we need a constant supply of new ideas, creative solutions, and inventions. Successful research and development work is therefore the starting point and driving force of future corporate success. This requires extensive investments. In 2012, we spent a total of €5.6 billion on research and development, the same amount we invested in 2011.

In order to implement as many ideas as possible as quickly as possible, we have established certain processes for harnessing both creativity and customer utility. Our research and technology policy forms the strategic framework for innovation-oriented themes from the areas of research, science, and technology. With the help of our own futurology activities and technology monitoring measures, we ensure that our new solutions anticipate changing framework conditions and the future wishes of our customers. In addition, our Customer Research Center (CRC) conducts customer research and analyzes product acceptance to ensure that customer feedback and innovative ideas are incorporated into the development of new vehicles from the very start.

The organizational structure of innovation management

The organizational structure of innovation management

Tools and processes

In order to further improve our company’s competitiveness, we need the knowledge and experience of all of our employees. But the perspectives of our customers, other drivers, and external experts are also valuable for us. That’s why we’ve developed tools and processes to include all of these resources in our idea development activities. We offer our employees web-based platforms that give them new opportunities to share their ideas, participate in constructive and creative discussions, and evaluate and further develop ideas.

Ideas management with!

Idea management (IDM). Through the idea management process, our employees contribute valuable experience from their daily work. In this way, they significantly help to optimize and further develop internal processes and procedures. In addition, our employees’ suggestions for improvements and their implementation support the product optimization process. Daimler introduced the IT-supported idea management system! at its locations in Germany in 2003. Thanks to an optimized workflow, suggestions for improvements can be submitted simply and directly via the intranet at! and thus be more easily processed and implemented. A great deal of time can be saved because the processing of the submitted ideas by managers, assessors, and the idea management staff is quick and paperless.

The intranet community for research and development. The RD Community platform has been available to Research & Development employees since 2009. On this intranet-based platform they can contribute suggestions, tips, and ideas on products, processes and facilities, and, as part of a collaborative process, read, discuss and refine all of the submissions.

Innovation Workshop. Every year, Daimler invites Mercedes-Benz drivers, customers of other automakers, and non-drivers to its Innovation Workshop. At this annual event, around 1,500 participants attend between 60 and 80 workshops. The aim of the workshop sessions is to discover new ideas and work on new products. The key criterion for evaluating the ideas is acceptance by the customers.

A platform for new business ideas. The BI Community created by the Business Innovation unit is a platform on which Daimler employees from all over the world can contribute, discuss, evaluate, and further refine their business ideas.

A network for IT innovations. Through the Open IT Innovation Network (OIN) Daimler registers, follows up, and implements IT innovations. Every Daimler employee whose work is related to IT can communicate his or her specific ideas via the OIN. The range of topics is defined by the areas of interest, which are derived from the innovation strategy of the IT management team. But ideas that cannot be categorized in these areas are also of interest to the IT community.

Pooling ideas for new financial services. The worldwide ideas platform myidea. that was launched in March 2010 is targeted at the employees of Daimler Financial Services. On this intranet platform they can discuss and refine their business ideas and share their thoughts about business ideas that have already been implemented.

Tools and resources


Innovations don’t happen by chance: A dialog between Prof. Thomas Weber and Prof. Hans-Jörg Bullinger


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My sustainability report

My Sustainability Report

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Dr. Dieter Zetsche about the sustainability efforts of Daimler

Daimler is a versatile provider of mobility services around the globe. The Group’s broad range of car and commercial vehicle models is supplemented by innovative mobility concepts. The most prominent around the world is car2go.

Our view of sustainability

Dr. Dieter Zetsche

Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars

We want to enhance the value of our company over the long term. We therefore view value creation in a holistic manner, which means that for us economic, environmental, and social responsibility go hand in hand.

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Head of Daimler Trucks

We focus on achieving the greatest possible customer utility throughout the entire life cycle of our vehicles. For example, we assume responsibility for our products by making sure that they meet the highest safety standards and set benchmarks for environmental and climate protection.

Andreas Renschler

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Manufacturing and Procurement
Mercedes-Benz Cars & Mercedes-Benz Vans

Sustainability is a top priority at Mercedes-Benz, and our efforts here take into account the entire production process. Our measures focus on climate protection, air pollution control, and the responsible utilization of raw materials and resources. It goes without saying that our high sustainability standards also apply to our suppliers.

Hubertus Troska

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Greater China

Daimler is so deeply rooted in China, it is only natural that we have also integrated our business targets with the principles of sustainability and responsibility. Our aim is to serve as a good corporate citizen and thus show our full and long-term commitment to this country — economically and sustainably. We keep track of our activities in our detailed Daimler China Sustainability Report.

Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Integrity and Legal Affairs

We are aware of our responsibility to society as a globally operating company with a more than 125-year tradition of automobile manufacturing. That's why we want to ensure that our business operations are sustainable. For us, business success is inseparable from business ethics.

Wilfried Porth

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Human Resources and Director of Labor Relations

Our employees contribute to value creation at the company with their skills and talents, their wealth of ideas, and their motivation. We know that a fair and trusting relationship with our employees is the key to retaining their continuing commitment. Maintaining this relationship over the long term is a core aim of our human resources policy.

Bodo Uebber

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Finance & Controlling/Daimler Financial Services

Our financial activities are also conducted in accordance with the principles of sustainability. Our work ensures healthy and responsible financial operations with a longterm horizon. This, in turn, establishes confidence in our company and ensures that we can make the investments, which are so critical to our future success. This approach benefits employees, customers, and shareholders alike.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber

Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG,
Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development,
Chairman of the Daimler Sustainability Board

We want to make the future of mobility as safe and environmentally friendly as possible. As the inventor of the automobile, we have been setting the pace for many decades when it comes to the development of vehicle safety systems and clean and efficient drive systems. We utilize our innovations to consistently pursue our target of accident-free and emission-free mobility, which extends all the way to self-driving vehicles.

Important progress in 2012

Advisory Board for Integrity and Corporate Responsibility

On September 25, 2012, Daimler established a new Adivisory Board for Integrity and Corporate Responsibility. The board assesses the handling of integrity-related issues at the company from a critical and constructive external perspective.

Standardized management remuneration

Daimler has implemented a globally standardized, variable, and transparent remuneration system consisting of medium to long-term performancebased components.

Euro VI/Euro 6

Although the Euro VI emission standard will not go into effect until January 2014, one-third of all Mercedes-Benz truck customers in 2012 nevertheless opted to purchase vehicles certified as Euro VI-compliant. The gasoline engines in the new Mercedes-Benz A- and B-Class models also already meet the requirements of the Euro 6 emission standard that won't go into effect until September 2015.

117 projects

Within the framework of the Group's ProCent program for supporting social welfare projects, Daimler employees and the company donated approximately €745,000 to fund a total of 117 projects in 2012.

Key targets

Incentive systems

Expansion of the remuneration para meters for Daimler Board of Management members through the addition of the non-financial themes “Integrity and the UN Global Compact.”

Generation management

Establishment of demographic issues as a field of action in the corporate culture and the management process. Continued rollout of HR Resource Management at six additional German locations; implementation of further work packages based on identified fields of action.


Tenfold increase by 2015 in the number of trips taken and the number of active users, as compared to 2011.

10 networks

Activities to establish and operate ten additional national UN Global Compact networks by 2013.

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