Social responsibility

For us, business success and social responsibility go hand in hand. As a company, we strive to design, help, and promote. Together with our employees we help master social challenges in many charitable community projects.

Our global presence offers us the opportunity to co-design the social environment at our locations worldwide, and to support the dialog between the cultures. In this context, we focus on the one hand on fields of action that arise from our role as “good neighbor.” On the other, we are involved in projects in which we can contribute specific expertise and our core competencies as an automaker. In this respect, the main emphasis is on the following issues: promotion of science, education and traffic safety, nature conservation, art and culture, community and charitable commitment, employee commitment as well as dialog and understanding.

We have invested nearly €60 million in funding for non-profit organizations and in sponsorship of socially beneficial projects in addition to our foundation activities and corporate volunteering efforts, as well as projects initiated by us.

Donations and sponsorship in 2014
Donations and sponsorship in 2014

Control and transparency. The donations and sponsorship committee of the Board of Management manages all donations and sponsorship activities around the world. The committee is guided by our “Sponsorship and Donations Policy,” which specifies binding regulations concerning criteria, legal provisions, and ethical standards. Transparency is additionally facilitated by the donations and sponsorship database, in which all donations and sponsorship activities of the Group worldwide must be recorded. Regular communication measures help our employees to observe the policies worldwide and make them aware of the risks in the area of donations and sponsorships.

We provide donations to political parties in strict compliance with established laws. Our internal corporate policy explicitly requires a Board of Management resolution for all donations to political parties. In 2014, we supported the democratic parties exclusively in Germany with a total of €320,000. In 2014, the CDU and SPD each received €100,000, and the FDP, CSU and Bündnis 90/the Green Party €40,000 each.