Community and charitable commitment

For us being a global company means we have a global responsibility. That is why we support the social environment at our locations as well as a wide variety of aid projects around the world. And we do not stop at emergency disaster relief. We also set up longer-term projects aimed at helping people to help themselves.

Aid for flood victims. After the flood disaster in the Balkans, Daimler provided €250,000 of emergency relief for the affected population in May 2014. The donation went to the aid organization Caritas International e.V., which took care of the needed emergency supplies and maintenance work. In addition, Daimler together with the General Works Council initiated an employee donation campaign that enabled us to provide Caritas with an additional €20,000.

Ekukhanyeni aid project. The “Ekukhanyeni” project in Lawley south of Johannesburg provides aid for people living in great poverty. Mercedes-Benz South Africa has been providing assistance for the initiative, which has meanwhile built an elementary school in addition to providing nursery places for small children, since 2010. At present, “Ekukhanyeni” is also working on eco-friendly farming as well as on landscape design, energy supply, and the expansion of the local infrastructure.

Reconstruction after the typhoon. In November 2013, the typhoon Haiyan cut a path of destruction across the Philippines. The reconstruction effort is still ongoing. To support the population, Daimler Group Services Philippines and Daimler Financial Services Singapore donated money for the reconstruction of kindergartens in the strongly affected city of Borbon on the island of Cebu. In addition, food and school supplies as well as other aid and construction materials were provided. Immediately after the natural disaster Daimler AG transferred emergency aid in the amount of €500,000.

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