We share responsibility for preserving the diversity of natural habitats for future generations. That is why we have been supporting the projects and initiatives of environmental organizations around the world for many years now. We consider it our contribution to making sure the Earth remains a place worth living in.

Living moorlands. The Baden-Württemberg league for nature conservation (NABU) and Daimler initiated a moorland renaturing project as early as in 2012. As a result, two moorlands which are in danger of drying out, the Hinterzarten Moor in the Black Forrest and the Bodenmöser Moor in the Allgäu, are to be restored to healthy and living moorlands. In 2014, as part of the project, 23 Daimler apprentices lent a hand in not only conserving this precious habitat for plants and animals, but consequently also in contributing to climate protection. After all, healthy moorlands are the best natural stores of carbon.

Protection of mangrove forests in Asia. To contribute to the conservation of endangered mangrove ecosystems in India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Thailand, we are sponsoring a renaturalization project of the Global Nature Fund for the reforestation of more than 100 hectares of degenerated mangrove forests. This is to preserve the biodiversity of the forests and their capacity to reduce CO2 and serve as protection against flood waves. The local population is involved in the project through environmental training and the creation of alternative earning possibilities. The project thus combines nature conservation, development cooperation, and disaster prevention.

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