Dialog and understanding

Being open to the world and being tolerant are two important foundation stones of our corporate culture. As a group that operates around the world, we support projects and institutions that promote inter-cultural dialog in the interest of mutual understanding and the peaceful coexistence of cultures. We also support initiatives aimed at promoting democracy.

Daimler-Byrnes scholarship. In 2014, we awarded the Daimler-Byrnes scholarships of the Stuttgart region for the thirteenth consecutive time. The five scholarship recipients will receive extensive cultural training before they travel to the U.S. in August in order to live with host families for one year and attend the local high school. The scholarship was created by Daimler along with the Forum Region Stuttgart and the German-American Center/James-F.-Byrnes Institute (DAZ).

Together against right-wing violence. Keeping alive the memory of the National Socialist period, taking responsibility, and reinforcing the free spirit of democracy — these are the goals pursued by several projects and initiatives sponsored by Daimler, such as the City Hall Tour of actor Hardy Krüger. Krüger reports on his experiences during the Nazi regime under the motto “Together Against Right-Wing Violence,” alerting the public to the current threat posed by right-wing extremist groups, and collects donations for the campaign “Courage Against Right-Wing Violence.” The start of the tour in Cologne in late 2013 was followed by events in Berlin, Stuttgart, Dortmund, and Leipzig in 2014.

Solidarity against racism and ostracism. The Global Attorney Meeting was held from May 7–9. Cologne celebrated a special cultural and arts festival: The event organized by the “BIRLIKTE — STAND TOGETHER” alliance commemorated the victims of right-wing terrorism and sent a visible sign of solidarity. Daimler sponsored the event, which was attended by German President Joachim Gauck and Hardy Krüger. The occasion was the tenth anniversary of the June 9, 2004 nail bomb attack by radical right-wing terrorists in Cologne’s Keupstraße, home primarily to Turkish and Kurdish residents.

Christopher Street Day. Daimler took part in the Christopher Street Day (CSD) in Stuttgart for the first time in 2014. Together with members of the employee network GL@D (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender at Daimler), the company presented itself with a Mercedes-Benz truck in order to promote social acceptance of people with different sexual orientations. The participation was motivated by the desire to support the work of GL@D and sent yet another signal for a culture of openness and respect within the Group. Daimler Financial Services has already been involved in the CSD in Berlin since 2011.

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