We believe that improving access to education is one of the most-lasting investments we can make for society and for our company That’s because education creates opportunities and opens up doors to a future full of possibilities. That is why we are involved in a variety of projects around the world with a view to promoting enthusiasm for science and technology and also the ability to look beyond working life and go through life with an open mind. At the same time we are promoting equal opportunity with our projects.

Genius — Daimler’s young knowledge community. Our education initiative Genius combines a variety of educational projects for children and teenagers in the key areas of future technologies, mobility, and the environment. Genius promotes practical and playful learning with age-specific offers and free workshops at learning locations outside of school. In addition, in cooperation with the Klett MINT textbook publishing company, we have also developed suitable instruction materials for the subjects of natural sciences and technology, and offer the associated teacher conferences and teacher continuing education. (Site only available in German)

Training in the townships. We train men and women of all ages in cooperation with the St. Anthony’s Education Centre in Reiger Park, a township of Johannesburg. The center provides literacy courses and trains welders and bricklayers.

Internships for talented young trainees from the Arab countries. In cooperation with selected local universities we promote talented young people from the Arab countries, who are given the opportunity to complete an internship at a German location of the Group. The focus is on the subjects of entrepreneurship, executive development, and education.

Each girl is a star. Together with the women’s organization CYDD we are paving the way to technical jobs for socially disadvantaged girls in Turkey. The award-winning project “Each Girl is a Star” offers young women between the ages of fifteen and eighteen the chance to enter a four-year vocational training program that includes an internship at Mercedes-Benz Turkey, as well as at dealers and suppliers. The aim is to support these girls in discovering and expanding their abilities and skills. And with great success: Increasing numbers of graduates of the project want to study for a technical degree. That is why we have supplemented the project with a university scholarship program.

Junior Achievement. The aim of the worldwide organization “Junior Achievement” is to familiarize young people with the prerequisites for a successful professional life in a global world. The organization’s educational programs for all age groups — from kindergarten to a high-school diploma — are focused on three key topics: work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial education. Many of our employees at Daimler Financial Services in Singapore and the U.S. have again volunteered to participate in the initiative in 2014, and have supported school kids at local schools with learning skills.

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