Road safety

Our “journey on the road to accident-free driving” is not just about using suitable systems to relieve the burden on drivers, protect them, and support them in hazardous situations. For us it is more a question of ensuring the safety of all road users. Road traffic education projects for schoolchildren and safety training for adults are two examples of how we work to achieve this goal.

MobileKids. Since 2001, we have made already more than 1 million of children “fit for road traffic” with MobileKids. The objective: Safe mobility and prevention of accidents are to become matters of fact in the daily lives of both children and adults. To this end, traffic safety is communicated in an interesting and playful way in order to show elementary school kids appropriate behavior in traffic situations at an early age. Besides teaching safe behavior for pedestrians, bicyclists or car passengers, MobileKids also provides training on considerate behavior, for example, on public transportation. In addition to the varied activities in Germany — ranging from the MobileKids offerings for schools to children’s traffic schools — we have also communicated the content of MobileKids in other countries, such as China, South Korea, Brazil, Hungary, and Turkey. We will increase the international scope of the project on a continuous basis in coming years.

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