Sustainability Ratings

Independent rating agencies and research institutes have evaluated and critically assessed our sustainability performance in 2014 again. Today there are many different ratings and ranking of various quality and significance. The Corporate Sustainability Board (CSB) has therefore decided that our company will only supply data for the ratings and rankings whose assessment methodology, quality, and transparency can be subjected to a verifiable analysis.

In line with these requirements, the performance of Daimler AG in the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) is particularly noteworthy. Here, Daimler was singled out as sector leader in the automotive industry. The company received the award for outstanding commitment and exemplary transparency in dealing with climate change, and scored the maximum number of 100 points in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI). In addition, Daimler received an “A ” performance rating for its initiated measures, already achieved progress, and planned strategies for reduction of CO2 emissions: the top score. The CDP, which is supported by more than 750 “signatory investors,” is considered the most important authority for sustainability evaluation in the world today.

In 2013, the UN Global Compact introduced the “GC 100” stock index in collaboration with the research provider Sustainalytics. This index represents the performance of 100 particularly sustainable and responsibilityconscious companies, of which Daimler AG is a member.

In addition, we are included in the “Euronext Vigeo — Europe 120,” an index comprised of the 120 leading companies in the area of entrepreneurial responsibility in Europe.

We will continue to intensify our sustainability activities in order to improve our position in the relevant key ratings.