Our Sustainability Standards

Our “Supplier Sustainability Standards,” which were revised in detail in 2013, present our requirements for working conditions, human rights, environmental protection, safety, business ethics, and compliance. They form the basis of any business relationship with producing suppliers and service providers, and are a binding component of the contactual conditions. By signing the contract, our direct suppliers commit to observing the sustainability standards, communicating them to their employees, and spreading them to their upstream value chains. We support them in this through targeted information and training measures. The Daimler Supplier Portal serves as the central information platform.

  • Supplier Sustainability Standards

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Environmental management in the supply chain. Suppliers exercise a significant influence on the ecological balance of the Daimler locations. That is why Daimler expects regular proof of certified environmental management according to ISO 14001, EMAS or other comparable standards along the supply chain. Starting January 1, 2015, this requirement will be anchored in our purchasing conditions.

Social principles for contracts for work and services

Since 2013, the awarding and performance of contracts for work and services has been subject to standards that extend beyond the existing legislation. These standards define the requirements with regard to occupational health and safety, accommodation, remuneration, use of part-time employees, commissioning of sub-contractors, and freelancing. These social principles are relevant for all purchase orders that exceed a period of two months and are realized on the business premises of Daimler AG in Germany. Suppliers are required to fill out and sign a declaration concerning their compliance with the standards. This is a prerequisite for placing new purchase orders. An auditing team from Procurement performs on-site reviews at the suppliers to determine whether the standards are observed and the contracts for work and services are correctly performed.

Dialog and training. For us, sustainability in supplier management is a continuous process that can be successful on a permanent basis only in collaboration with our suppliers. That is why we attach great value to an active dialog with our suppliers worldwide, in which we also include the local supplier industry. We regularly organize supplier events in which we also adress our sustainability requirements. In collaboration with other automotive manufacturers, Daimler Procurement also organizes supplier training courses. In 2014, such training programs were conducted in China, Turkey, and Russia. Overall, we have already trained more than 300 suppliers since 2010. In addition, the implementation of sustainability standards in the supply chain is an important topic in our stakeholder dialogs.

“Daimler Sustainability Dialogue”

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