In a global economy based on division of labor, our responsibility does not end at the company’s gates. Compliance with sustainability standards must be maintained along our entire supply chain. We promote this through dialog and training, as well as through joint standardization initiatives with other manufacturers. In the event of violations, we take the appriopriate steps.

As a globally operating company with more than 62 production locations in 19 countries, our success depends on good, trusting cooperation with our worldwide suppliers. This is also reflected in our procurement volume, which amounts to about half the total revenues of Daimler AG. The collaboration with our suppliers is based on shared values and requirements, which also include compliance with sustainability standards along the supply chain.

Procurement organization and training program. Some 2,700 employees work in our procurement units at more than 50 locations around the world. Through established committees, procurement management ensures cross-departmental networking on sustainability issues and uniform procurement communications within and outside the organization.

Training programs on sustainability and compliance are mandatory for all new employees. In addition, we keep employees up- to-date about new developments. In 2014, we rolled out the web-based training program “Sustainability in Procurement and the Supply Chain” at our worldwide locations.